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Some Clues
Win money solving puzzles!

How does this work?

We have puzzles (only this one for now) for you to solve.
They can be linguistic/verbal (e.g. acronyms, anagrams), logical, mathematical, lateral thinking, etc.

First person to solve a puzzle wins its prize money.

Each time you submit guesses you need to pay $5 USD:
click the PayPal.Me button below and send up to 3 guesses + the Puzzle Number as a Note with your payment.
We will email you after each submission to let you know whether you've won.
For each $5 paid, $2.5 are added to the prize.
Every 40 submissions/payments (i.e. every $100 added to the prize) we will add some clue(s).

If you submit more than 3 guesses with one payment, we will only look at the first 3.
If you submit the correct solution but you're not the first, we will refund your $5.
The prize money will be sent via PayPal to the same email address from which the winning payment came.
There is no cap on the prize amount, but there is a deadline: 3 months after the puzzle is published.

PayPal.Me button

Could this be rigged?

We could try to rig it in some way, but each puzzle solution is "set in stone":
you can see the "Encrypted Solution", and once someone wins or the deadline is reached we'll show how it was encrypted.

PLEASE send any questions and/or suggestions you have to: SomeClues.com@gmail.com